“Gail is wonderful! Her craniosacral therapy was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had with a therapist. I highly recommend her for both massage and CST… I think she is a genius with massage – one of those gifted masters. She has an amazing healing gift.” – CT

“Gail is very kind and easy to work with, and a wonderful massage therapist. Her clinic space is comfortable and relaxing. I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else for a massage.” – EL

“Gail is absolutely wonderful! I have been seeing her regularly since last July [2012] and haven’t felt better in years. I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain that have now virtually disappeared. She takes the time each session to listen to what is ailing you and then pays special attention to those areas during the massage. She is easy-going and very welcoming. I feel completely comfortable and taken care of with her. I have definitely found my go-to massage therapist for the long haul.” – AB

“Gail is amazing. I have had lower back problems for many years. I can only lay flat on a table for a very short time. However, Gail has found a solution for my problem. She is also the only massage therapist that I will even allow to touch my low back (I’ve gone to others, and not been able to walk after getting off the table). Gail works on all my problem areas, including my low back. All done and I feel really great. Did I mention… she is amazing?” – NAC

“I’ve seen Gail for specific aches and injury issues. She was able to relieve the tension in my lower back, and offered simple exercises for me to work on at home. I saw her too for work on an alignment issue in one of my feet. Again, she was able to help with the pain at the time, but also had ideas on how to stretch the affected areas. I feel that I am in good hands with an experienced body worker, and highly recommend Gail.” – TS

“I have degenerative disk disease. Over time I have developed a problem where I sometimes lose the curve in my lower back. It is very painful to walk and move when this happens. My chiropractor recommended Gail McKinley as a massage therapist. Gail is able to gently but effectively work the lower back when it goes out. She’s also capable of very deep tissue massage on my upper back and shoulders. This is probably the best deep tissue massage I have ever experienced.

Working long hours in front of a computer can cause other problems. Gail is great at treating the common symptoms that sometimes develop in my upper body from repetitive stress motion. Her relaxing cranial sacral therapy loosens my back to better align the two sides of my body and relieves the tension in my neck and shoulders.

Having lived in Seattle for several years, I’ve had the opportunity to try many different massage therapists. Gail is the most gifted and skilled of all the masseuses I have seen. She really wants to tailor her sessions to best meet your needs. She also has a warm and gentle personality.  I consider her amongst the best Seattle has to offer and would highly recommend her without qualification to anyone.” – MCR

“Over the years Gail has seen me through a frozen shoulder and various back and neck ailments. She is highly experienced and her treatment is always very therapeutic. She hones in on the trouble spots and always leaves me more relaxed and flexible. If you like a stronger touch, she is fantastic.”  – RM

“I have been seeing Gail regularly for two years for chronic back, shoulder, neck, and leg pain ailments. My various pains disappeared very quickly after her treatments. She really gave me very deep massages and she was able to relieve the tension and pain. Each session she takes the time to genuinely listen to what the current problems are and she will focus on those areas. I think she is the one who really understands the concept and principle of massage treatment. Her methods and experience are very effective and therapeutic as well. I have to say she is a very caring person and puts incredible efforts into each massage. I think she is the most outstanding message therapist I have ever met.  She is a wonderful person to talk to and is very inspirational as well. I highly recommend her amazing work and she is one of those gifted masters.”    – AM

“Gail was able to help me alleviate an acute, nagging injury to my shoulder as well as increase my overall mobility after injuring my achilles. Can’t say enough good things about her amazing work.”  – SV