About Me

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I am a graduate of Spectrum Massage School (Lake Stevens, WA) and was nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). I am also a graduate of Colorado State University, 1977, with a BS in Environmental Interpretation. Having studied various life systems in college, I chose to continue my studies by learning more about our amazing human bodies. Our body systems work without thought, performing the most exacting functions 24/7. But most of our lives are busy with some degree of stress, which can cause dis-ease in our bodies and manifest as illness, fatigue, depression, injury, and many other symptoms. Massage and various techniques of bodywork are very effective in relieving and resolving these symptoms. After several decades of providing therapeutic massage I still look forward to coming to work; each person I see in my day is unique and intriguing. I continue to find the work I do personally rewarding and satisfying.

Questions? Please call me. I’d enjoy the opportunity to meet you!

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